Are chunky heels easier to walk in?

Chunky heels are one of the most comfortable heels. They are shaped like a cube and pretty much sturdy from the base.


The shoe helps to distribute your weight equally, such that you don’t feel pain or any form of cramps as you walk in them.


As a professional or working-class lady that needs to do some bit of walking every day at the office arena, chunky heels are a must-have for you.


Are Chunky heels easier to walk in? Are Chunky heels easier to walk in

Yes, chunky heels are easier to walk in than other types of heels. They are super comfortable, stylish, and classic. Unlike stiletto heels, where you feel like you are hanging in the air, Chunky heels give your feet an even balance; you can even run with them.

Let’s look at chunky heels and what they are.


Everything You Need to Know about Chunky Heels

Height of the heel

Chunky heels are not very high compared to stilettos heels. The height of the chunky heel is mostly from short to medium.


However, this is not to say that they aren’t the high ones. You can find a chunky heel as a high heel. The fact here is that no matter the height of the heel, it features a wider tip that offers you more stability.

The shape of the heel

The chunky heel comes in the shape of a cube that is sturdy from the base. You can never find them as pencil heels like that of stilettos heels.


The shape of the heel guarantees comfortability in walking because it distributes your weight and provides evenness to your feet.

The benefit of Wearing Chunky HeelsAre chunky heels easier to walk in

Apart from comfortability in walking, chunky heels provide other benefits, and they include:

Improves your posture:

With chunky heels, you don’t need to bend and look downward to take a step. Also, you don’t need to be hanging in the air because of the shape of the heels.


You can simply look straight and walk without worrying because your feet are adequately held and your weight appropriately distributed. The block-shaped heels are perfect for your 9 am to 5 pm job routine.


Secures your feet:

Your feet are given an even balance when worn on chunky heels. Here, you can hardly suffer from knee cramps, pain, or blisters on your toe because the heel is sturdy enough.

Offers better support:

Doctors have agreed that chunky heels offer better stability, automatically offering better and improved support for your body.


It is recommended that aged women opt-in for chunky heels rather than stilettos because the latter causes strain to the leg muscles.


Perfect for every occasion:

Chunky heels can fit in for every occasion. Chunky heels come in different shapes and types that help to complement every of your look, whether it is a formal look, informal, street style look, or classic look.


You can have a delicate, formal, or basic look perfectly. This led us to the next section.


What are the Types of Chunky Heels?

Chunky heels come in different types and shapes. They can come as mules, pumps, ankle booties, knee-high boots, or sandals.

This array of chunky heels allows you to choose the one that suits your outfit and occasion more.

Let’s look at some of the best chunky heels on the market.


  • Chunky Lace-up heels

Lace-up chunky heels are super-comfortable and classic heels that go perfectly with that mini dress or cute short skirt.


The lace-up style is perfect for a night out, clubs, or casual events where you must wear a short or mini dress or skirt to expose the alluring lace around your ankles. You look chic and all comfortable in this.


  • Chunky heel thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots don’t only make you appear chic and beautiful but also accentuate your legs to appear in a slimmer and sleeker way.


It perfectly goes with T-shirt dresses, miniskirts, and shorts and is the perfect footwear to achieve a street fashion style.


  • Chunky heel knee-high boots

Unlike the chunky heel thigh-high boots, the knee-high boots stop on your knee and come in more styles and varieties.


It is not only easier to walk in, but it is light to wear for a long period. You can try it out with a trench coat and a knitted short dress. Also, it offers warmth to your feet. Perfect for the winter season!


  • Chunky Platform heels

A platform heel with a slim heel is a less comfortable shoe to wear in that you get to feel pain in your feet if you stand for long.


Worse still, you can get shaky, as if you want to fall. However, when the platform is paired with a chunky heel, it will allow you to have a stand and walk for longer periods, comfortably.


It comes in different sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that suits you more.


  • Chunky high heels

When it comes to heels, you need balance and comfort, and there is no better way to achieve this than going for chunky high heels.


The chunky heel features a wider base that is square primarily, which offers you stability as you walk.


Chunky high heels can come in peep-toe shoes, strappy sandals, or high-heel booties.


The chunky high heel bootie is the one that is never out of style. Chunky high heels offer style, class, and comfort at the same time.




I hope you have a clear idea of what chunky high heels are and why you must have one in your wardrobe. They come in different colors, shapes, and textures.


So you can never run out of style with chunky heels. Also, its comfortability and stability is second to none. You better get one today if you don’t have a chunky heel.

  • Improves your posture.
  • Gives better support.
  • Secures your feet.

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