Are Expensive High Heels More Comfortable?

Do you often ask yourself ‘are expensive high heels more comfortable’? and have you been considering splurging half of your savings on more expensive high heel shoes with the hopes that they would be a lot more comfortable? We know the feeling! And we are here to put you out of your misery. Are expensive high heels really more comfortable? This  is a question on the mind of so many ladies, quite a handful have gone ahead to shop for some really expensive shoes with the believe that it would be less painful, we decided to do a background check on some of these ladies and here’s what we found out.


Every lady would love to own a collection of fancy, show-stopping high heel shoes, for quite a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that it’s a perfect fit for nearly every type of dress and occasion, it also makes you look ravishing and attractive. However, there’s a downside to wearing heels, most times just when you’re ready to get the show started it starts to hurt. High heels can be painful and uncomfortable especially if you have wide feet, this gets even worse. This has led many women to seek for a way out and this includes going for more expensive shoes, but is that really the solution.


Are expensive high heels more comfortable.

Are expensive high heels more comfortable Generally, expensive high heels are more comfortable than mid-cost or low-cost heels. Expensive heels come with lots of detail that give them stability and luxury all at the same time. Even though expensive heels are very comfortable, stilettos are rarely comfortable, even the most expensive ones.

Most expensive heels are made of high-quality leather that gives out a sensation of comfort, and you feel as if the shoe is constantly hugging even your feet. This helps to give you a relaxing posture both in standing and walking.

Apart from comfortability, let’s see other reasons that make expensive heels worth buying.

    1.    They are more stable

A well-crafted heel, including stiletto heels, is more stable due to their unique construction and use of quality leather. Here, you get to walk like a normal human being. Your legs are hugged by the shoes, unlike in cheaper heels where your legs are loosely fitted in shoes you walk as even you are attempting fate with each step you take.

    2.    They look better

You can’t wear an expensive heel and step into an event, work, or church, without people around not noticing your shoe. Expensive shoes just look better, and they draw compliments from people around. You probably may ask how people everywhere will know it is an expensive shoe if they are not fashion conscious.

People don’t have to be fashion conscious to notice an expensive heel. Expensive heel tends to look sleet, stylish, well-made, and detailed. You can’t compare the construction to that of more affordable heels. Shoe brands like Zara and Asos that sell affordable have tried making their affordable heels look like the real deal, but you will know it isn’t. There is no replacement for high quality.

Below are shoes of high quality and class and worth investing in in 2022. Go through the list and choose the one that suits your taste the more.


3. M.Gemi The Esatt (The overall most comfortable high heels)

For $298, you can get this pair of super-soft luxury heels. The M.Gemi the Esatt heel is carefully handmade. The high heels are classically elegant. Their style is timeless am delicate, which you can wear both during the day and night. Its durability is top-notch, and it can serve you for years.

The quintessential pointed toe is a 3.5-inch (90 mm) heel that is a top transitional choice that you can wear across all seasons. It comes with a padded insole that adds to its level of comfort. It comes mainly in black leather, but you can also get it in black patent and classic suede colors.


2. Dream Pairs Annee Pumps (The most comfortable value heels)

If you love sophisticated, classy casual silhouettes, then the Dream Pairs Annee Pumps is here for you. It is versatile and flattering and features a D’orsay pointed toe and latex padded insole that makes your feet more comfortable in the heels. Also, its chunky low heel and ankle strap design make it one of the effortlessly comfortable shoes to wear to work, for a night party, and a city tour. It comes in a wide range of colors. However, I suggest you go for the black suede or a nude par for a classic look.


3. Valentino Garavani Roman Studs Pumps (The most comfortable luxury heels)

The iconic Rockstud shoe, Valentino Garavani Roman Studs Pumps, combines elegance with a strong street attitude. This classy pair features oversized gold‘Roman Studs’ embellishments and an adjustable buckled ankle strap that adds extra comfort. It is well crafted in Italy and made from one of the best leathers.


4. Gianvito Rossi 85mm Pumps (The most comfortable designer heels)

Gianvito Rossi Pumps is a high-classically designed stiletto heel designed to make you look beautiful and comfortable as you wear the heels. Gianvito’s is a special Italian-crafted high heel made of supple leather or suede, featuring a pointed toe for extra comfort. The Gianvito Rossi label has a reputation for designing some of the world’s most comfortable high heels; no wonder it is one of the favorite shoes of the Duchess of Cambridge. You can wear them for both formal and casual events. For a classic look, you can go for the black or nude colors, while for a more statement look, you can go with the leopard prints.


5. Christian Louboutin Kate Suede Pumps (The most comfortable black heels)

This list won’t be complete without Christian Louboutin Kate Suede pumps. If you are looking for a classic black shoe to invest in, this is one of the best in the market.

The classic, comfortable black pumps feature a red sole that helps to add a touch of luxury and beauty to any outfit. This is one of the best shoe choices for attending an exclusive cocktail party or classic celebrity celebratory event.

Carefully handcrafted in Italy, The Christian Louboutin Kate Suede Pump is a

3-inch soft suede leather upper featuring a pointed toe for extra comfort.

This classic shoe can be worn for any type of event. The only rule here is to ensure the red sole is visible when you are out on the shoe.


6. Clarks Sheer55 Court (The most comfortable heels for standing all day)

If you are hosting an event, especially a classic one, you must dress to match up with the event. This includes your shoe. In most cases, after standing for a while, your legs begin to hurt, and you will feel like pulling off the heel, but with the Clarks’ Sheer55, you are ultimately settled for the night. Clarks’ Sheer55 has a durable sole that grips your feet and a dual-density Cushion Plus technology for ultimate comfort. Also, it features a squared toe and comes as a 65mm block heel that gives you the comfortability to stand for hours without getting discomforted or feeling pain on your toes, ankles, or kneels.

It comes in two colors – Black Leather and Praline Patent. You can wear it on cropped pants for casual events, slim gowns, shorts, or skirts for a classic night. You can’t get it wrong with Sheer55.




If you have the means, go for expensive shoes, as they give you value for your money. Low-cost heels will cost you more. You have to fix them constantly; worst still, they aren’t durable.






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