Are Louis Vuitton Shoes Comfortable?

Are Louis Vuitton Shoes Comfortable?

According to Forbes, Louis Vuitton is the world’s most expensive luxury brand, which is more renowned for its bags and footwear. Louis Vuitton shoes are breathable and comfortable and come in different styles to suit your unique tastes. Sometimes, they can be a little stiff when you first wear them, but with time, they fit perfectly and captures your feet elegantly. Louis Vuitton shoes are made of pure and exotic leather from alligators, pythons, and crocodiles, including pigskin leather. This leather makes the shoe comfortable to the feet and isn’t coarse like shoes made of faux leather. Also, you are sure that your feet breathe very well, so you aren’t afraid of blisters.

Before going further, let’s look at a brief history of the Louis Vuitton brand.



Brief History of Louis Vuitton Brand Are louis Vuitton shoes comfortable

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion brand and company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The brand produces many fashion items ranging from luxury bags to leather shoes, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books. All LV-produced fashion items feature the unique LV monogram. Being one of the world’s leading international fashion houses, Louis Vuitton sells its products in the e-commerce section of its official website, exclusive standalone boutiques, and leases departments in high-end departmental stores.

From 2006–2012, Louis Vuitton was the world’s most valuable luxury brand, and currently, it is amongst the top three most respected fashion brands in the world and operates in 50 countries across the globe with more than 460 stores worldwide.



Are Louis Vuitton Worth the Money Are louis Vuitton shoes comfortable

Louis Vuitton shoes are costly, imagine visiting an LV store and you see a $1,600 price tag on a pair of sneakers. It looks expensive, right? Yes, it does. This is why Louis Vuitton shoes are for the wealthy, elites, Hollywood stars, celebrities, and top fashion stars. Louis Vuitton is 100% worth the money, and below are five primary reasons why Louis Vuitton shoes are worth the money, even if it looks unreasonable to the middle and lower class.

  • It is made of genuine leather

Louis Vuitton shoes are made of genuine leather gotten from exotic animals like snakes, alligators, and crocodiles, including vachette leather, EPI leather, Taurillon leather, Empreinte leather, and so on. The high price of LV shoes is usually ascribed to its usage of expensive leather and the production process. These leathers are not readily available everywhere and cost a fortune to obtain.

  • Professional artists handcraft it

Artists professionally handcraft Louis Vuitton shoes in the Louis Vuitton workshop in Italy and France. It takes about 50 hours to handcraft an authentic leather shoe. This tells you that time and expertise are invested in making these shoes. No wonder they look so perfect and glamorous on the feet. The artist pays attention to details when making the shoes, making them a wearable work of art.

  • Louis Vuitton spells class and luxury

The attention to detail of the shoe makes it one of the most admirable fashion shows in the world. It spells class, elegance, and luxury. Owning a Louis Vuitton shoe gives you a sense of superiority and that you belong to a certain exclusive class because only people of the high class can afford the shoe. It automatically welcomes you to the community of fellow Louis Vuitton shoe lovers.

  • It is super durable

Louis Vuitton shoes and bags are regarded as good fashion investments. Louis Vuitton, via its official website, states that “their products are made to the highest quality and specification, and should provide you with many years of enjoyment.” They are highly durable and can serve you for decades.

  • Control over the supply

An economic principle states that when a product is readily available everywhere, it becomes less valuable. Louis Vuitton understood this principle and has control over its collection to create some form of artificial scarcity. They control the number of shoes or bags a customer can purchase at a time or for a specific model.



Where to Purchase Original Louis Vuitton Shoes Are louis Vuitton shoes worth the money

There are a lot of fake Louis Vuitton shoes out there. You must apply caution when purchasing an LV shoe so that you won’t be deceived into purchasing a fake one. As such, please never purchase a Louis Vuitton shoe from a random online retailer, from the flea market, or among street vendors. Louis Vuitton operates over 460 stores across 50 countries. So you can visit any of them to purchase your shoe. You can visit the brand’s e-commerce section to place your order if none is close by.

Also, you can visit licensed high-profile fashion stores.




Where are Louis Vuitton Shoes Produced?

Louis Vuitton shoes are produced only in Italy and France. If you see any Louis Vuitton shoe stating, “Made in China.” It is a clear indication that it is a counterfeit version. China is ascribed to be the modern of counterfeit products, and this is why Louis Vuitton doesn’t want to delegate its production to China like some other fashion brands. Also, the mass production of leather goods doesn’t fit into the Louis Vuitton Ideology. Italy is renowned for being the mother of real leather production, and leather goods produced in Italy are respected. The same goes for France.



How to Tell if a Louis Vuitton Shoe is Original?

To tell if a Louis Vuitton shoe is original, carefully examine the material. The material must feel luxurious and authentic. The hardware on the show should be polished brass or gold plate, with no paint. Also, examine the stitching. The stitching is essential. The seams should be invincible, and the brand’s symbol should be visible on the outside of the shoe, side, back, or bottom. Also, check the inside of the shoe. It should have an inscribed serial number, date, and a “made in France.”



If you feel the new Louis Vuitton shoe is expensive and want to get used ones, you can visit the eBay store to get authentic used LV shoes that are still nice and durable.

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