Are Slingback Heels Professional?

Slingback heels are professional heels that are perfect for work. However, not all types of slingback heels are accepted in the workplace.

We will be looking at the types of slingback heels, and the ones you can wear and not wear to work.


Slingback heels are quite similar to pumps. The difference is that pumps use material on the back of the shoe to cover both the heel and back of the foot, while slingback heels make use of a sling (strap).

The strap leaves the back of your foot exposed while wrapping one side of the foot to the other side of the foot around the ankle.


Are Slingback Heels Professional?

Slingback heels are one of the classic shoes that belong to the sandals family that reinvented into becoming one of the timeless statement shoes that can be worn to work, parties, weddings, and on a lovely date.

The origin of the slingbacks is dated to the 1940s when sultry ankle straps and exposed heels were introduced to young ladies.

These ankle straps and exposed back heels coupled with short skits became a statement look for seductive pin-up posters. They were used for everything from magazine covers to Coco-Cola adverts.

The 21st century experienced the comeback of heels as they became part of many celebrity runway premiers.

The most iconic slingback heels up to date are the “Begum”, a crystal-embellished pump that made Amina Muaddi the most googled shoe designer of 2021.


Are Slingbacks Heels Appropriate For Work?

Slingback heels are an appropriate choice to wear to work. But first, you must go through your employee dress code to check whether slingbacks are permitted.

Due to the slight discomforting nature of slingbacks, not all workplaces permit it. And some workplaces prefer a particular type of slingback to another.

Closed-toe slingback heels are most appropriate for the office. This is because your toes are well covered, giving room for no distraction. Peep-toe heels are permitted in some workplaces because not all workplaces gives room for your toes to be out.


I know it seems weird to care much about the toes, but the truth is that your toes can sometimes be distracting, and most workplaces regard open-toe heels as heeled sandals which are unprofessional.

One very important thing you have to pay attention to while wearing slingbacks is the elasticity of the strap.

Sometimes slingbacks slap the bottom of your feet and make it sound as even if you are wearing flip-flops, and it can be very distracting and annoying.

So it is advised that you tighten the strap every time you are going out to prevent such occurrences.

The good news is that the straps are always adjustable, so it isn’t difficult to adjust. Also, you have to be cautious walking in a quiet place with a slingback heel, due to the noises it emanates.

So, you have to be cautious of your walking style, and you need to walk gently to minimize any form of noise.


Do all Offices Accept Slingback Heels?

Wearing slingback heels to an office greatly depends on the specific official dress code.

Many offices demand more than just sitting down; you have to be standing or walking to deliver something or to check something, and such demands foot wears that can enable you to walk in swiftly, without hurting your legs.

In such an office, slingback heels are not allowed, as they won’t enable you to carry out your duties efficiently.

Also, some very conservative offices do have strict dress code that limits the kind of shoes that can be worn.

They may prohibit high heels. However, most of them demand close-toed shoes. Some even go ahead to determine the length of the heels.

Some permit heels no higher than 2 or 3 inches.

Despite slingbacks being professional, the nature of your workplace plays a great role in determining whether it is accepted or not.


What Colors of Slingback Heels are Permitted at the Workplace?Are Slingback Heels Professional?

Slingback heels to be worn in the office have to be in conservative colors and free of embellishments.

Colors like black, nude, blue, dark purple, brown, or navy are accepted. White heels are not permitted in all offices and are only worn on Labor Day.

Please, do not wear red slingback heels to the office. It is totally inappropriate and does not connote professionalism at all.

Avoid brightly colored slingbacks. Also, avoid synthetic fabrics and stick to suede and leather. Suede and leather slingback heels tend to be more comfortable and classy.

Since today’s job market changes constantly, you must have a couple 2-3 inch plain closed-toe slingbacks you can wear to visit a career fair or attend a job interview.


Are Slingback Heels Comfortable at Work?

Slingback heels, especially low slingback heels and kitten slingback heels are super comfortable, and you can wear them all day long at work, and at the same time fashionable and elegant.

The low and kitten slingback heels come in standard sizes and also accommodate narrow and wide feet.

They aren’t only comfortable, they allow your feet to breathe, and they give you a stylish boost without going over to the stiletto territory.

Slingbacks also exist in flats and low heels; if you can’t wear slingback heels, you can go for these.



Slingback heels are an excellent choice for work, however, before wearing it, ensure that your employee dress code policy permits it. And remember to stick more to closed-toe slingback heels in conservative colors.

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