Can You Return Louboutins to Nordstrom?

Sometimes you can buy a Louboutin shoe without sizing it up, and when you get home, you discover it wasn’t your perfect fit or its color doesn’t suit the outfit you want to style it up with, and you wonder whether you can return it.

Yes, you can return your Louboutin shoes. However, to do it, you have to know and understand the return policy of Louboutin shoes.

What is the Return Policy for Louboutin shoes? Can you return Louboutins

Christian Louboutin accepts returned merchandise, but it has to be in its original condition.

It must be returned within 30-days from delivery and accompanied by the dust bag, original shoe box, order Invoice, heel taps, and sole adhesive tags.

However, shipping costs are non–refundable.

This is why you are advised to check your merchandise properly upon delivery to ascertain whether it is up to date or not.

Note that the shoe won’t be accepted if the iconic red sole is damaged or worn off.

The red sole is the company’s trademark and must be in good shape.

As a result, test out the fitting on the shoe on the carpeted ground and be sure you are keeping it before wearing it on other grounds.

Below are the instructions you need to carry out to return the Louboutin shoe.

Louboutin Shoe Return Instructions

  • Go to the website and search for your purchase with the ‘Returns’ section. If you have an account, you can log into it.
  • Select the item you want to return and duly follow the laid down instructions to complete your RMA request.
  • Once your RMA request is confirmed, you will be sent an email, and ensure you print it out. Also, you can print your prepaid UPS return label for shipment. This should all be done within the 30-day return policy frame.
  • Include the original receipt in the confirmation printout.
  • ·Ensure that the clear adhesive sole tags are attached and include the original shoe box, heel taps, and dust bag. The Louboutin shoe box is not to be used as a shipping box. You must place the merchandise in an appropriate shipping box and tag the prepaid return label.
  • Ensure a record of your tracking number.
  • You can drop off the package at a nearby staffed UPS store. To check for the closest UPS store closest to you, please visit Ensure you collect a receipt for your records (Due to security reasons, do not use a drop box).
  • Once your return has been received, it will be inspected, and you will get an email notification once it has been processed. Suppose your returned merchandise fulfilled all the requirements. In that case, it will be accepted, and credit equivalent to the original form of payment will be issued to you within ten business days of receipt. Depending on your financial institution, it might take an extra 2 to 10 days before the credit gets posed to your account.

If your package does not fulfill the return policy conditions, it will be returned to you, and a refund won’t be accepted.

For further information and assistance, you can contact the Official Christian Louboutin via email.

Can You Return Louboutin to Nordstrom? Can you return Louboutins to Nordstrom

Nordstrom holds a high service standard. Nordstrom accepts returned Louboutin, but it has to be part or has been part of their product line, or it will be rejected. Shipping fees are not refunded.

In Nordstrom, all refunds are credited to your original form of payment or a via a Nordstrom Gift Card.

For Nordstrom to process your return, your sale record must be available.

You will be asked for your personal identification if there is no sale record.

Once approved, a return will be provided to you at the current price via a Nordstrom Gift Card.

If you purchase a product by credit card, Nordstrom will credit your account within 14 business days.

You will be emailed an electronic Nordstrom Gift Card if you purchase via a Gift Card.

If you purchase via Nordstrom Notes, you be given a new

Nordstrom Note in the exact amount of Nordstrom Notes redeemed. For more information on Nordstrom’s return policy, you can visit the Return Policy Section at the Official Nordstrom website.

Can You Return Louboutin to Saks? Can you return Louboutins to saks

You can return Louboutin to Saks, which must be done within 30 days with a receipt.

To return a Louboutin to Saks, you must prepare your invoice and order number.

The order number is located on the packing slip. You can also check it on your order history at

The next thing you have to do is to prepare your package.

Pack your return properly, include your printed invoice and affix the shipping label to the package.

You can drop your package at the nearest FedEx location when it is ready. Your return package takes about 10–14 business days to be processed.

If your refund is approved, you can be refunded in the original payment, but this takes one week to get credited to your account.

Refunds in the form of the original payment can take up to one week to be credited back to your account.

However, if you purchase your Louboutin shoes from overseas, click here to learn how to familiarize yourself with the Saks international return policy.

Saks has a 14 –day free return policy. To ensure you benefit from this, you must initiate your return 14 days after the ship date.

After 14 days, returns initiated with be deducted $9.95 from the original amount.

Lastly, your Louboutin shoes must be in saleable conditions, or they will be returned to you without a refund.

Your proof of purchase is mandatory. Note that retunes are only accepted in a Saks Fifth Avenue store or via mail.

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