How Do Celebrities Walk in High Heels?

How Do Celebrities Walk in High Heels?

Do you own a pair of heels, and are scared of wearing them? And does it leave you wondering, “how do celebrities walk in high heels gracefully and effortlessly“?


Learning how to walk in heels walk in heels as celebrities do is fun, like learning how to cook your favorite dish. You just have to be focused, get the right size for your legs, and you are good to go.

If you are a little bit scared to start with stiletto heels, I will advise you to begin with wedges, progress to kitten heels, and continually add inches.

Never start with stiletto heels. Without mastering wedges and kitten heels, you may break a bone.

Here, I have compiled six celebrities’ tricks for walking in high heels. Learning them will help you better in your learning phase.


How Do Celebrities Walk in High Heels?

How do celebrities walk in high heels
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Every celebrity knows six main tricks that enable them to walk in high heels. They are:

  • Walk heel to toe—not the other way round
  • Lean back a little bit – don’t stand all straight out
  • Walk slowly – do not rush
  • Visualize walking in straight lines – avoid looking down
  • Slightly bend your foot – don’t panic
  • Make sure your heels are your perfect size – they shouldn’t be too big or small


Trick 1: Walk heel to toe—not the other way round

You don’t put your whole foot down on a heel like you do while wearing flats. You have to put your heel down first, before your toe. This helps you achieve balance and walk naturally as an adult.


Trick 2: Lean back a little bit – don’t stand all straight out

While walking on the heels, lean backward, as this will help you counteract the propensity to move forward. When you stand all straight out, you raise your neck forward to move, making you look funny.

How do celebrities walk in high heels

Trick 3: Walk slowly – do not rush

Avoid trying to walk fast in heels. It will compromise your balance, and you may fall and break a bone.

Besides that, ambling in heels helps you maintain composure, balance, and elegance.

I’m not suggesting that you take baby steps and walk as if you are crawling.

The idea here is that you shouldn’t take long strides as usual so as not to lose composure and balance.

Trick 4: Visualize walking in straight lines – avoid looking down.

When walking on heels, your visual mind plays a great role. Visualize that you are walking in straight lines, and take small steps towards it. Never look down at your heels as you walk; this is one sure way to walk awkwardly.


Trick 5: Slightly bend your foot – don’t panic

If you feel like slipping or falling while walking, you should slightly bend your foot to add pressure on the heels.

This will make the heel fits tightly to your feet, and you will be able to gain more control. Don’t panic at this moment.

Once you panic, you will immediately lose control and may find yourself on the floor.


Trick 6: Make sure your heels are your perfect size – they shouldn’t be too big or small.

If your heels aren’t your perfect size, it gives you a tougher time trying to walk correctly in them.

If they are too small, take them to a shoe cobbler to be straightened. If they are too big, try using shoe pads to fit them better.


How Do Supermodels Walk in Heels?

As a model or upcoming model, knowing how to walk perfectly in heels is a must.

Most times, you watch supermodels and wonder how they walk seamlessly with heels on the runways, and you are amazed.

I will show you some tricks these supermodels employ to walk in heels. They are:

  • Be conscious of your body structure.
  • Try out an array of surfaces.
  • Take small steps.
  • Heel before the toe.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Bear in mind that accidents do happen.


Trick 1: Be conscious of your body structure

Supermodels are conscious of their body structure while walking on a head-to-toe experience.

They relax their hips and knees, keep their shoulders backward, engage their abs and chest out slightly, and hold their heads high.

This may seem impossible, but you will achieve it with constant practice.


Trick 2: Try out an array of surfaces

You should understand that the entire world is not carpeted. If you want to walk like super models, you have to leave the smooth surface of your bedroom and try out different surfaces.

Try walking on tiles, grass, concrete, hardwood, glass, and every surface you can come in contact with.

Also, try out walking on a slippery surface. This will help you build your traction and composure.


Trick 3: Take small steps

Naturally, wearing heels makes your strides shorter, so you shouldn’t be ashamed to walk slowly. And when you are tired, get a seat and allow your body to rest. Stretch your waist and legs.


Trick 4: Heel before the toe

When taking each step, place your heel before your toes last as it helps you to build greater traction. The only exception is when you walk downwards and have to walk with your heel and toe.


Trick 5: Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to walk in heels as supermodels do is to wear heels regularly and everywhere. Don’t be ashamed of going into public places with your heels.

This helps you to take note of your stride, posture, and technique. Also, watch more runway shows and note how professional models walk and move their bodies.


Trick 6: Bear in mind that accidents do happen

In the middle of Vivienne Westwood’s show in 1993, supermodel Naomi Campbell bailed down; she couldn’t help but smile. This is the spirit you should maintain. No matter how good you are, you are bound to make mistakes. So when you do, please do not bite yourself up. Brush yourself and go on.


Are Stilettos Attractive?

Nicolas Gueguen, a behavioral scientist and University of Brittany professor, states that stilettos are pretty fanged sexy, as reported by the Daily Express.

He went on to say that women wearing stilettos/high heels tend to be perceived more highly and receive help from women wearing flats.

Stilettos make a woman appear more attractive, feminine, and sexually appealing.

Stilettos make you appear taller with slim and straight legs. Also, they depict higher status and are an appropriate choice to wear to social and professional events.

Stilettos are here to stay and had to be been a staple of women’s fashion for years, and it is not being perceived to be going away any time soon.

Apart from making you look attractive and feminine, stilettos offer you some benefits. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Exaggerates your body curvatures

When you wear stiletto, you aren’t as straight as when wearing a flat. You tend to arch backward to let your heel rest in the heel.

Doing so projects your body curvatures, such as your chest, hips, and pelvic tilt. This gives you a better body posture and looks more elegant and seriously feminine.

  • Complements your dressing

Stilettos can go with basically anything ranging from a dress (mini, straight, midi, and maxi) to a jean, jumpsuit to a palazzo pant.

It helps to bring out the beauty of your attractiveness. A simple dress looks more sophisticated when styled with a stiletto than flats or wedges.

  • Serves as a Status Symbol

Stiletto tends to be more expensive than other types of female footwear.

As such serves as a status symbol and a representation of an exclusive class. For example, the red-soled Louboutin heels give you this rich lady aura, and everybody that sees you perceives you as such.

However, the stiletto is known to be one of the most difficult shoes to walk in due to its long thin heels.

Most times, they aren’t very comfortable like flats and wedges and can give you some slight discomfort.


You must practice walking on a stiletto before going out in them to avoid pulling them in the middle of an occasion or slipping out of the heels.

Walking in a stiletto is beautiful when you have mastered the art, and please take your time to learn it.



If you want to be a celebrity or a supermodel, you can get some pairs of high heels at least 4 inches and begin practicing. You can copy walk any celebrity or model of your choice.

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