Simple Tips on How to Shorten the Heel of a Shoe !

Do you own a pair of high heels, that make you uncomfortable because they are a bit too high for comfort? If yes, we have got you covered.  let us explore how to shorten the heel of a shoe and the best place to get them shortened.


How to shorten the heel of a shoe How to shorten the heel of a shoe

There is a belief that if you shorten the heel of a shoe, you have damaged the shoe. That’s fake news as it isn’t correct. You can shorten the heel of a shoe, and it would still fit perfectly on your legs. When it comes to shortening the length of your high heel shoes, there are a few options to choose from, there’s both the DIY and professional option. whichever option you decide to go with, the main thing to keep in mind while altering the heels is that it must be done carefully and with precision so that the heels still look normal and still fit well after the whole alteration.


Can I Make My Heels Shorter? How to shorten the heel of a shoe

Yes, you can make your heels shorter. Wearing heels that are too tall most times makes walking difficult, giving you a sense of insecurity and loss of confidence while walking. This is not to say that shortening the heel of a shoe is easy. There is no specific procedure, as the procedure differs from the heel type. This simply depicts that the way you will shorten a wedge heel isn’t the same way you will shorten boot heels or block heels.


The best kind of heels to wear are those that come with a hidden platform beneath the ball of the foot that makes it easy for you to walk and turn around, which is ideal for everyday usage. If your heels fall in this category, you must shorten them.


Other reasons why you have to shorten your heels include:

  1. If you are tall and have extra-long legs, you need to shorten your heels to fit your height and other body parts.
  2. If the heels are causing you great discomfort or pain on your feet and ankles.
  3. If the heel is too big to be worn on bare feet, and you want to wear it on bare feet.

Although some high heels look impossible to shorten, they aren’t; they are tricks to go about shortening them.

Let’s look at some heel types and how to shorten them.


Can Block Heels Be Cut Down?

Yes, block heels can be cut down, but trust me, it is not something you want to do at home due to its complexity. A block heel looks simple, but it is very much complex. A block heel consists of layers of several types of leather stitched together and glued to form a single structure.

If you must shorten your block heels, do visit a professional. A professional knows exactly where to cut and how to cut it without altering the structure of the heels. Additionally, a professional has the necessary tools needed to make the shortening job quick and easy, and most times, you don’t even know the tools or how to use them.

There is a hard truth you must know when shortening your block heels. Shortening your block heels shortens the lifespan of the shoe. This is because most block heels are made through cemented construction.

Cemented construction entails the process by which adhesives or glue is applied to hold the heel onto the shoe’s base. Shortening or cutting down the heel breaks out the glue holding the heel onto the base, which can lead to other shoe parts loosening and unglued?

You can still cut down the heel of your block heel if you take the necessary precautions. A professional or local cobbler will not have issues shortening the heel if it isn’t damaged or broken. However, the more delicate the shoe is, the higher the chances that the professional or local cobbler will refuse to touch them.

The padding area is another aspect the professional or local cobbler will take cognizance of when shortening your block heel. They will have to check whether adequate padding is between your feet and the bottom of the shoe. This is important so that you won’t experience any form of discomfort or blisters when you wear your newly shortened heels. How your block heels are shortened will determine how long they will last.


Can Wedge Heels Be Cut Down?

Cutting down wedge heels is more complicated because cutting down the extra length is difficult. For wedge heels, it is advisable that you take off the old heels and bring another shoe and modify it together.

Like the block heels, I won’t advise you to do this at home, for you can damage your wedge heels. So take it to a professional or a good local cobbler.

You should understand that wedge heels are constructed differently, so it is impossible to cut down just the back as you will for the other type of heels. So shortening wedge heels are more expensive and time-consuming because of their complexity.


Where Can I Get My Heels Cut Down? How to shorten the heel of a shoe

You will have to visit a shoe repair shop to get your heels cut down or shortened.

The best choice is to visit a professional or skilled cobbler to have them shortened.

So if you don’t want to have an ugly shoe that you will hate, please visit a professional cobbler who will help you out.

Shortening your heel isn’t simple as you think. There are parts you must not touch, or else your shoe is forever damaged. The professional cobbler knows where and where not to touch and whether it can shorten the show without it getting damaged.

Usually, shortening a heel is cutting off the heel post at an angle, which results in a

jagged edge. But sometimes, some shoes are made of synthetic materials, making the process quite tricky. Most of the heels made of synthetic materials cannot take any water or be exposed. Any form of exposure or drop of water from even the scissors can damage it. This is why you must have to visit a professional when you want your heels shortened.



Shortening the heel of a shoe is very much possible. We hope these tips on how to shorten a shoe have been helpful. To ensure that the shoe is still good to be worn after being shortened, ensure you take it to a professional or skilled cobbler.

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