How To Stop Slingbacks From Making Noise

How To Stop Slingbacks From Making Noise

Do your slingbacks make crazy noise that leaves you embarrassed? Noisy slingbacks can be distracting and embarrassing at times. The most effective way to stop slingbacks from making noise is to lubricate the insoles using petroleum jelly or waterproof spray. In the absence of this, you can use talcum powder. It helps to absorb moisture … Read more

Can I Wear Slides To The Airport ?

Can I wear slides to the airport? Can I wear sandals to the airport? Is it better if I leave them in the luggage? These are questions most travelers struggle with in their minds. During summertime, it is easy to just wear slides and sandals and rush down to the airport in a relaxed and … Read more

Is Matalan True to Size: Here’s What We Know


Matalan is a producer of affordable fashionable shoes. Their shoes come in different styles and forms. However, is Matalan true to size? Many people are interested in how accurate Matalan’s sizing is when compared to other retailers. While there are no industry standards for shoe sizing, many brands follow similar guidelines when it comes to … Read more

Can You Wear Open-Toed Shoes to Church

Can You Wear Open-toed Shoes to Church

Can You Wear Open-toed Shoes to Church You can wear open-toed shoes to church, but the long answer is a bit more complicated. The answer to this question depends on your church’s dress code. Some churches have stricter rules when it comes to dressing and footwear, while others are a bit relaxed. The fact is … Read more

Matalan Vs H&M: Which Brand is Better?

Is Matalan True to Size

Matalan and H&M have been both high-end international fashion brands in the market for years. Both brands deal with both clothing and footwear. Despite their few similarities in being fashion brands, they are exclusively different from each other. This article will look at the difference between Matalan and H&M fashion brands. Before that, let’s briefly … Read more

Is It Appropriate to Wear Flip Flops to Church?

Is it appropriate to wear flip-flops to church

The church is a formal setting that requires worshippers to dress in the most decent form and style. Unlike other formal settings, the church doesn’t necessarily have a strict uniform law concerning footwear. Different denominations have laws relating to footwear, but all demand that it should be appropriate and not distracting or too flashy; hence, … Read more

Can You Wear Open-Toed Shoes to a Funeral?

Can You Wear Open-Toed Shoes to a Funeral?

A funeral is a sad event, and this means you should dress appropriately; and this applies to your footwear as well. However, not all kinds of shoes are appropriate for funerals regardless of whether they are beautiful and look desirable; hence the question, “can you wear open-toed shoes to a funeral.” Can You Wear Open-Toed … Read more