How Do I Keep My Slingback from Slipping Off My Feet?

Slingbacks are cute, adorable, and highly fashionable heels that make you appear beautiful and super attractive, but they have one problem.

They tend to slip off your feet, which may cause unpleasant accidents or discomfort while walking.

To keep your slingback from slipping off your feet, insert strap cushions inside the strap to provide greater grip to the straps, which prevents them from sliding down.

If the shoe is big, you can add a ball of foot cushion/rubber insert on the foot area to firmly grip your feet from sliding forward.


How Do I Keep My Slingback from Slipping How do I keep my slingback heels from slipping off


Other techniques to keep your slingback from slipping off your feet. 

  • Wearing the shoes while standing in front of the mirror to check out the fitting of the straps
  • Fixing rubber insert to the heel to provide greater grip to your feet

To know which technique to go for, you must determine the precise cause of the sliding down of the straps.

Do the straps slide down immediately when you wear them on?

Do the straps slide down after some moments of wearing the shoes? If your straps slide down immediately, it clearly indicates that they have been stretched out.

So, in this case, you need to visit a cobbler to shorten the straps.

However, you are to visit the shoe cobbler only when the strap is considerably loosening, and there is a huge gap between your feet and the straps.

If it is slightly loosened, get a rubber strap insert.

You can either buy Strappy Strips or Gel Strappies as they are self-adhesive.

All you have to do is just peel off the removable backing and stick them directly on the inside of the strip, where it was lightly strained.

To further adjust the length, you can also insert a strip of moleskin into the heel straps.

What Should I Do if my Slingback is Oversized How do I keep my slingback heels from slipping off

If your slingback is too big or oversized, you must stop the heel stoppage to prevent discomfort or blisters to your feet.

The two primary ways to solve the problem of your slingback shoes being oversized is to add heel stripes to the back of the shoe and place inner soles on the shoe to lift the shoe.

Adding heel strips to the back of your slingback prevents your feet from having blisters.

All you have to do is peel off the adhesive situated at the back of the shoe strip and insert it inside the shoe close to the heel.

Ensure the string achieves a snug fit.

If one strip did not achieve this, add two or more layers of strips until your heel achieves a snug fit and your heels no longer rub against the inside of the shoe.

The inner soles can be made of either suede leather, and it can be a synthetic insole.

You can use scissors to sharpen the insole to fit perfectly into your shoe.

Peel off the adhesive situated at the bottom of the cushions and insert the insole firmly into the shoe before you wear it next time.


How to Make Slingbacks More Comfortable How do I keep my slingback heels from slipping off

There are four tricks to make your slingback more comfortable. They are:

  • Purchasing your right-sized slingback
  • Try on/Purchase your slingback towards the end of the day
  • Make allowance for your toes and heels
  • Watch the straps

Trick 1: Purchasing your right-sized slingback

The first is the essential trick to ensure your slingback is comfortable.

It comes before you get committed to your heels.

If your slingback isn’t your correct size, it will take extra effort, including money, to adjust it.

For it to be comfortable, it has to be your perfect size.

To determine your ideal size, ensure you check out

Trick 2: Try on/Purchase your slingback towards the end of the day

This is not only profitable for slingbacks/ankle strap heels but all shoes.

You expand more toward the end of the day, including your feet.

So at this time, you get the right size for your feet.

If you buy your shoe in the morning or evening, they may become too tight and exert some discomfort.

Trick 3: Make allowance for your toes and heels

Since slingback shoes are open-toe, the shoe’s structure works with gravity to naturally push your foot to the front.

Making an allowance ensures that there is no toe overhang at all.

Also, ensure your heel is directly above the heel of your shoe, not too far in or out of the shoe.

Also, you should be careful while purchasing slingbacks heels during sales season because one can easily adjust (either increase or decrease) just to sell, and this can cause a lot of discomfort, and we strongly kick against it.

Trick 4: Watch the straps

The strap of your ankle heel shoe should allow for easy movement.

They shouldn’t be too tight to inflict pain on your legs or too loose to cause the heel to slip off your leg while walking.

To teat is the strap is perfecting fitting, try walking around the store and observantly take not whether the straps are falling or tugging your feet.

If you feel a slight pain, please do not ignore it; it will worsen with time.

The same goes if it is slightly loose and not slipping. If you ignore it, it will tend to loosen up later, and you will have to spend money on a shoe cobbler to adjust the straps.



Knowing how to adjust the straps to get a perfect fit is one of the ways to enjoy a slingback heel.

Do you have any other technique to keep your slingback from slipping off your feet and making it more comfortable?

If you do, please let’s hear you out. You can drop them in the comment section.

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  1. These are really helpful tips for purchasing sling back shoes. I have narrow feet and always struggle with these types of shoes. I like the suggestion to try on shoes towards the end of the day for a good fit.

  2. I’ve tried these “ tips” before and they don’t work .
    I’ve 4 pairs of really nice slingbacks in my wardrobe that I can’t ware .
    I’ve been to a shoe maker and cost me £££ and still no good .


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