Why Do So Many Women Like The Red Soled Christian Louboutin Heels 

Christian Louboutins doesn’t need an introduction in the luxury footwear market. It is one of the most expensive, admirable, and wanted luxury footwear. This luxury brand has a loyal customer base made of Hollywood stars, celebrities, musicians, and top businesswomen who keep returning. The Christian Louboutin depicts highquality craftsmanship, attention, and texture. Any time you wear a Louboutin shoe, you will attest that your feet have touched a luxury; no wonder so many women like the red-soled Christian Louboutin heel. 

If you are still pondering why the Christian Louboutin heel is loved, below are the top reasons


why so many women like the red-soled Christian Louboutin heel. 


  1. The red-soled shoe popularity is forever. 

Trends come and go, but the red-soled shoe popularity has continually been sustained without going out of fashion. Also, we aren’t seeing the Christian Louboutin shoe going out of fashion soon. Since the 1990s, Christian Louboutin has been painting the bottom of his footwear with red lacquer and has sustained it for decades. No other shoe has had such consistency and impact over the years. 

  1. Louboutins spices up any outfit. 

Christian Louboutin shoes are beautiful and immediately add class and beauty to anything you wear. It can be a dress, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, as well as a jumpsuit. 

  1. Louboutins prices never go down; they are continually rising. 

Similar to other luxury products, the prices of Christian Louboutin shoes keep rising. If you plan to own a Louboutins, please do it now to save yourself a lot in the future. 

  1. Louboutin pumps are the best in the footwear industry 

Christian Louboutin’s pumps shoes are simply wearable workout art. Their attention to detail has made their pumps the best in the footwear business. The pumps are luxe and elegant and made from prolific materials ranging from spikes and chains to exotic materials like snakeskin, especially the python skin. Their shoes are carefully handcrafted in Italy to ensure everything comes out perfect. 

And Italy is known as the best producer of real leather fashion items. 

  1. They spice up your Instagram picture. 

Spice up your Instagram picture may not be one of the practical reasons for dropping $700+ to buy a shoe, but it sure helps to complete your gram picture. You can take nice pictures with your shoes on and post with the hashtag #LouboutinWorld, #red soled shoe, to join the community of the Louboutin shoe loyal customers. Also, it helps spice up your page. 

  1. Wearing a red-soled Christian Louboutin shoe is an instant mood-elevator. 

Louboutins are so polished and perfect that you get a lot of adrenaline rush when you step into an event and get that amazing awe looks from everyone, and you get people whispering, “your shoe is beautiful.” 

  1. Louboutins will always fit 

One of the reasons many women like the red soloed Christian Louboutins is that they always fit no matter the event or who is wearing it. It has a way of making its wearer looks different and elegant. 

  1. Louboutin shoes are highly stunning. 

Owning a pair of Louboutins is one of the best investments you can make in your footwear collections. You can’t stop loving this shoe, and it is simply stunning as well as carefully crafted to provide a soft grip and feel to your feet. 


What is the Red Paint Called at the Bottom of Louboutin Heels 


Louboutin doesn’t use any type of red paint. The specific scarlet he uses for the red sole is Pantone 18 1663TP. The red sole has become the shoe’s signature, and it signifies luxury, status, sexiness, and quality. For instance, Cesareo referenced the Cardi B hit song 

“Bodak Yellow,” who raps about buying the red-soled shoe, as a benchmark of her own success. 


Does the Red Sole on Louboutins Wear Off? 


When you go to the Christian Louboutin website, under the “Product Care” section,  the brand clearly states that “red lacquer on your soles will wear off with the constant use of the shoes.” This is saying the more you wear your shoe outside, the faster the red lacquer gradually fades off. The brand went further to advise that you visit a professional leather care technician for advice on how to maintain your shoe. 


Do Real Red Soled Shoes Scuff? 


Real red bottoms do scuff. When you check real Louboutin shoes, you will observe that the shoes have red-painted leather rather than plastic. The impact of the former causes the shoe to scuff faster. However, you can prevent this. Direct sunlight is the primary cause of scuffing in leather products. So to stop your red-soled shoes from scuffing, keep them away from direct sunlight. Ensure you will store it in a shady, cool, dry place. Also, keep your shoes away from heat sources, and you can try applying a leather conditioner on the shoe once every three months. 


Is it Possible to Resole Red Bottoms? 


Yes, it is possible to re-sole red bottoms, but it will cost you some money. The cost of re-soling a Louboutin heel differs and is dependent on how the re-sole is performed. The more complex the structure of the sole, the higher the cost of resoling. A complete replacement of a pair of Louboutins red sole bottoms with a new pair of red leather soles will cost you $249 or more. 


How Can I Take Care of my Louboutin Red Soles? 


Christian Louboutin heels are durable footwear, but the kind of maintenance you give them can either prolong their life span or shorten it. If you want your shoe to last long and look new, clean the footbed with baby wipes. If they are very dirty, a baby wiper won’t be effective. In this case, do visit the cobbler to get them clean up. Please keep your re-soled shoes away from abrasive surfaces and rain and moisture. 




When purchasing Louboutin shoes, ensure you do that via their website, or you can visit any of their accredited stores. There are many fake red-soled Louboutin out there. Do not buy your red-soled shoes from roadside sellers or random online show vendors to avoid being deceived. 


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