Shoes to you Wear in the Snow if You don’t Have Boots! We have Some Ideas.

Snowtime is a beautiful time of the year. Playing, walking, or making your favorite snowballs are great ways to have fun with loved ones. If you must do all these things, you must wear suitable footwear that will protect your feet and, at the same time, offer you tremendous support and stability. Boots are the most regular kinds of shoes used during snowtime. However, if you don’t like boots, you need not worry; you can still have a great day catching fun outside while it snows. There are great options of shoes to wear in the snow if you don’t have boots. Here are some ideas.


Shoe to wear in the snow if you don’t have boots? Shoes to wear in the snow if you don't have boots


  • Waterproof Shoes

The best type of shoe to wear in the snow is a waterproof one. This is because waterproof shoes protect your feet from getting wet and keep them comfortable. The shoe is protected from getting spoilt by the water component of the snow. For instance, leather shoes aren’t really comfortable to be worn during snow, as it allows the water to get soaked in it, causing the shoe to get heavier, which makes walking in it difficult, and at the same time, your feet get wet and cold, and this isn’t a pleasant feeling at all.

Please don’t go for water-resistant shoes. Water-resistant shoes aren’t the same as waterproof shoes. Water-resistant shoes merely resist moisture and, after a long time, begin to let water in and, as such, are not fit to be worn on snow. So the shoe must be waterproof.


  • Cowhide shoes

Shows made of cowhide are perfect to be worn out while it snows. Please note that not all leather shoes can be worn out for snow; only those made of cowhide are good for snowshoes. A cowhide protects the skin and prevents snow or water from getting to the cow in the same way cowhide shoes protect your feet from snow or moisture.

If you must wear leather shoes, they must be full-grain leather shoes. We have two types of real leather used for making shoes: full grain and top grain leather.

Full-grain leather shoes are mildly treated shoes that are strong in terms of texture. You can spray weatherproofing products on it to make it snowproof before you can wear it outside on a snowy day.

On the other hand, the top grain leather shoes are made of polished and sanded leather, making them weaker than the full-grain leather. The top grain leather shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so they are not suitable to be worn for long outside while snowing.


  • Shoes with cozy lining for insulation

Warm shoes are the best kinds of shoes you can wear outside while it snows because, amid the cold and drying atmosphere, your feet stay warm and relaxed in the cold and drying atmosphere. To achieve this, go for shoes that feature fleece linings to lock in the warmth that your feet generate. This lining traps in the warmth your feet make and keep it close to your skin. This way, your feet remain dry and comfortable, enabling you to walk and run as long as you want outside the cold.


  • Gore-Tex technology shoes

Gore-Tex technology shoes are considered great for wearing outside during snowtimes. Gore-Tex technology shoes do not only help to keep your feet dry and warm but also breathable. When you wear boots for long, there is a tendency that your feet are going sweat, so it is necessary you get a pair of shoes that will function to get the sweat out and at the same time protect your feet from snow and water and this is what Gore-Tex technology shoe does.

The only limitation here is that Gore-Tex technology shoes are expensive to purchase. However, if you have the money, I advise you to go for it. When you get a pair, you will attest to its value.


  • Shoes with good traction

Walking in the snow can be stressful, and not balancing without the right shoes. Shoes with good traction help to give you balance; however, what you will do in the snow determines the type of traction you will want in a shoe. If you’re going just to take a walk, you can try wearing microspikes, while rigid crampons are the best snowshoes for mountain climbing. If you want something simple that you wear for your regular daily routine, then go for shoes with rubber soles and deep treads.


  • Well-fitting shoes

When you walk in the snow, you need something fitting to gain balance. Ill-fitting shoes make you comfortable and unbalanced; most times, the oversized ones may cause you to slip over the ice or snow. Even with the best type of shoe, you have to contend with slight issues while walking or running in the snow; talk less of wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Go for your size of shoes. If you wear 40, then get 40. Don’t go and get either 39 or 41.


  • Shoes with good ankle support

This goes for the hikers. As a snow hiker, you need shoes with good ankle support, significantly if you hike on the trails with elevation gain.

Go for shoes with a shaft extending beyond what you can find in the regular shoe. However, if you suffer from weak ankles, I will suggest you go for a pair of boots that reaches above your ankles. You can also try wearing thigh-high boots. This should help give you stability at your ankle while you walk in the snow.




Hey, I hope you have chosen which shoe to go with from the above list. If you haven’t made up your mind, do sit with the article and make up your mind. Please don’t compromise on the quality of the shoes because of the price factor. It will be destructive in the long run. The two major factors you should consider while purchasing snowshoes are warmth and dryness. The nature of the snowshoe you wear can affect your health at large. Imagine having wet and cold feet; it can send shivers all over your body. Your health should be your priority, so never compromise on good shoes. Good thing is, there are tons of shoes to wear in the snow if you don’t have boots.

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